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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Card Game and Space Invaders

Next Two Games to create

Now its time to work on the two official games.

They are the creating of two games, a card game and a space invader type game. I will give who is doing what at the beginning of the session.

Half of the class will work on the card game and half works on the space invader game, then you swap over.

These assignments are to be worked on by yourself, you can ask for help and I will provide help (especially in the realm of coding) to get you going.

So what are the first steps, well look at the picture before. I shows all the steps needed to create a game. 

First steps are usually :- Create Sprites, then level design, after that its up to you. I won't tell you the steps now. You have created games for me now and know the process.

However I want you to decide what steps are you going to do ?

I want you to come up with :-
Whats the min you will do this session ?
Whats do you actually think you can do?
What happens if you complete what you planned what would you do next?

Come up with this list because I will ask you !

Now look at my YouTube clip so you see the actual games and have fun!

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