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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Games design week 9 : Group B Platform Gamers

Games design week 9

Games Development

Group B : Platform gamers

We are creating the Mazegame, get those Maths elements and develop them !

Last week you "should have" been getting all the sprite worked on and finalised and some of you would have been putting in the game and a few would have been working on the game mechanics.

So This Week :-
We are working on putting the physics in the game. (getting them to jump!)
Also working on game mechanics and coding.

Just to recap you will have done :-

What does the customer want?
What does the design brief say?
Create a Platform game for the students to play.
Who is the target audience?

What Sprites do we need?
What sounds do we need?
How many levels do we want?
What are the other elements?

This is what you are doing now :-

What do we want to do by the end of this session?
How long do we have to make entire game?
How can we break down this game ?

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