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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Games design week 10

Games design week 10

Games Development

Group A : Maze game
Group B : Platform

This is the last week to create the Maze / Platform game, 

You should have done by now :-
The Sprites
Put the sprites in the game,
Now work on the objects and room and get the game working.
(do a video walk-through playing the game)

Don't forget I need this all Blogged!

What does the customer want?
What does the design brief say?
Who is the target audience?

All this available from previous blogs:-
week 6 / group B or week 6 / group A

What Sprites do we need?
Sprites should now be complete and now in game maker engine ready for use.
What sounds do we need?
Sounds chosen and added
How many levels do we want?
You need 5 levels and you should be adding elements in final levels.
What are the other elements?
GCSE Maths for Maze game and Physics coding for platform game

What do we want to do by the end of this session?
( I need 4 weeks of this blogged)
How long do we have to make entire game?
Finishing this week pls
How can we break down this game ?
What do you think / answer this question in a blog!

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