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Monday, 11 December 2017

OO Design

Using OO Design within Unreal

Object-oriented design is one part of the overall design process and should be seen in this context. Normally object-oriented design would start after completion of the creative phase (development of concepts and ideas) and would be used to flesh out ideas. The object approach can then be used to plan the detailed implementation of a project to ensure that milestones and other parameters are met.

OO Design Work

Task One.

Look at 4 game engines and how they do coding

Unity, Unreal, Gamemaker, Constuct 2

How do they do coding ?
What is it called ?
Do a page for each engine and give examples of how it appears.
For the assignment you will be looking at :-

Concepts and principles: simplified understanding; reusability; maintenance; efficiency; real-world modelling; collaboration and sharing; communication; quality assurance

Game objects: sprites; characters; weapons; rooms; walls; scenery; instances; rewards, eg bonuses, power-ups

Object properties: colour; size; speed; movement; sounds; health; lives

Actions and events: mouse and keyboard events; create; destroy; collision; timers; scoring

Inheritance: parent; child; inherited behaviours and properties; overriding events
Task Two

We have looked at Water Features  in the past but this is an environmental affect.

Now we need to look at OO Design we need within  the game we are creating.

We need elements like non player characters (NPC's which are a form of AI Characters).

These NPC's need to move around the map and also need to interact (attack usually) with the player character (PC). Also the PC needs a health bar so they can take damage. Then we need a way for the PC to attack / fight the NPC's. We can also look at elements like inventories etc as well.

In Unreal we use a concept called blueprinting to do this.

So I have created a video series on YouTube to teach these elements.

This is a Basic AI movement video

This is a more advanced AI patrol tutorial.

Or using vimeo "" if blocked

 So What Do I want you to do ?

Well Everyone should be able to follow the videos 
Some Will be able to start to adapt this to their game
and a few will be able to complete both videos and add both elements to their game as well.

OK so now we have looked at a practical application of OO design lets look at the theory...

Assignment One -- UPLOAD POINT

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