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Sunday, 4 December 2016

3D Landscape task 3

3D Landscaping 

Create the 3D environment for the game now.

Here is a YouTube I created to show how to make a basic 3D Environment using the Unreal Engine.

You have created in the art classes  initial sketches of models and landscapes.

From these initial Sketches  and prototypes of game create the full environment.

Consider these elements :-

Client brief - Who is the game for ? Create a description of what you going to create, how many levels, what is going to be in game and if your in a team who is doing what.

Target Audience - Who are you making the game for? Age group etc.

Initial Sketches of game and main characters.

A Prototype of game is question will cover most of the aspect needed and a simple play though level showing example elements that will be used. Don't be afraid to show elements tyhat don't work or are semi-completed. You are showing a prototype not a full working game.

Deadline 29 March for environment

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