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Saturday, 23 January 2016

3 in One Gaming

Option one:

Create a Maze game for the students to play that also helps them develop their mathematics skills.

The main character of this game ‘Brainbox’ has to move from level to level solving increasing difficult maths based problems. Each level should show a different maths problem and the level of the maths problem should be GCSE grade C Mathematics.

You will be doing 5 levels all getting progressively harder to get through.

The main character Brainbox has to solve Maths problems (to GCSE grade C maths lvl). Brainbox is harassed by the evil twins ‘division’ and ‘multiplication’ and a variety of other monsters you are to create. 
For example for Brainbox to progress to the next lvl he needs to pass through a door, the door has a number on it. 
This number is the answer to a maths equation.

So the door could say 

C = 2 + (n x 0.50)
A Sprite that Brainbox collects says n=20.
So putting n=20 into the equation 
C = 2 + (20 X 0.50)
C = 2 + (10)
C = 12

So Brainbox would collect Sprite n=20 then collect a Sprite that says 12. However I would expect some ‘red herrings’ in the game like Sprites with random numbers in them, and for harder levels sprites that say n=19 that can’t be solved and brainbox dies! (When he collects it). However each level should represent a different type of Maths genre.

Use your imagination in the game creation process.

You can use any maths revision you have or the BBC bite size website for example materials
Next find all Sprites, sounds, backgrounds needed for game and put them in a table and document why you have used each sprite, sound or background.

Option two:

Create space invader clone game. 

you can make it look as close to the original as possible OR make your own version of a space invader game. 

Create the game so it gets progressively harder and faster. As in the original space invaders game you will eventually die, but get a high score. So part of this game needs to be a high score table where players put in their name.

Elements of the game include ordinary space invaders and mother-ships which appear at the top or in a separate level. 

If you choose to create your own version of space invaders I need at  least 5 levels, that once the player gets to the 5th level they all repeat but slightly faster and harder to kill.

This game with require, for the more advanced version advanced scripting techniques.

Option three:

Blackjack game 

Make a Black Jack Game for the PC

Do some research on the card game black jack, its also called pontoon.

Create a game where you are dealt cards you can choose to twist or stick and also you play against 3 AI players who can also twist or stick.

Pls note do not put money element in this game we are not creating a gambling game. its about who can win the most rounds.

Option One
Option two
Option three
Anderson, Mr Luke
Bausor, Mr Samuel
Ahmed, Mr Ibraahiim
Bentley, Mr James
Bolton, Mr Nathan
Bates, Miss Summer
Bremner, Mr Kurt
Carreras-Gough, Mr Robin James Stanley
Clark, Mr Sean
Chamberlain, Mr Kori
Chapman, Mr Wyatt
Flanagan, Miss Amy
Danaher, Mr Daniel
Coxon, Mr Oliver Jacob
Foster, Mr Teague
Holland, Mr Morten
Estill, Mr Tom
Hemingray, Mr Regan
Long, Mr Charlie
Howitt, Mr Joshua Michael
Hopkins, Mr Harry
Pells, Mr Noel
Marsh, Mr Jamie
Berry, Mr Thomas
Preston, Mr Kyle
Roche, Mr Liam
Coyne, Mr Matthew
Teixeira, Mr Joao Rafael
Walker, Mr Jack Henry Louis
Farrugia, Mr Connor Gary Nicholas
Williams, Mr Shai
Walker, Mr Jack Oliver

Wragg, Mr Shay
Gilbert, Mr Matthew

Hogan, Miss Alice

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