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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Week 19 : Best Game Review

Human Computer Interface (HCI)

Human–computer interaction (HCI) involves the study, planning, design and uses of the interfaces between people (users) and computers. 

That's the technical definition of HCI.

But what does HCI mean in games design?

Well when we play a game we interact with that game very differently when we are using a XBox/PS or a PC or a Smartphone.

What's the difference?

The interface is different. 
Does that make the game experience different?

On a PC we use (mainly) a mouse and keyboard. On a XBox/PS its via the controller. On a smartphone its different again.

How many different ways can we interact with a game? Is their a limit?

Task 1) Create a 'blog' of all the different ways a player can engage with games.

Does the same game exist on different consoles/platforms? 
What's the difference for the gamer?

Task 2) Create a 'Blog' on this. Show games that exists on multiple consoles/platforms and describe the differences? Is the gaming experience very different ?



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