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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Games design week 13

Games design week 13

Games Development

Now its time for to complete both games, if you were working on Platform game then choose that else choose the maze game. 

Update Blog with your documentation.

Also please answer the following 10 questions and reply to this blog with answers.

1) Which game would you play and why ? As in Maze or Platform game.
2) Which did you enjoy making most Platform or Maze game (and why)?
3) Which was hardest Platform or Maze game (and why)?
4) Which had largest mathematics element ?
5) Do you like Mathematics? (don't just say NO or YES)
6) What grade GCSE (or FS) do you have in Maths?
7) How would you create an educational game with a Maths element?
8) Do you Think you learned any maths in creating either game and if so what did you learn?


  1. 1=Platform
    2=platform because I finally learned how to make gravity
    3= platform was hardest to make because of the gravity physics.
    4= the maze game was a dedicated maths maze game. the platform game had no math challenges that the player had to do.
    5= NO
    6= highest grade is level 1 in FS.
    7=Make one that needs you to ask math questions as a requirement to progress through the game.
    8= did not learn any maths

  2. 1; Platform (:
    2; Platform, as I had a better understanding of GameMaker!
    3; Platform, gravity and physics were hard to figure out...
    4; Maze; It was a math's game... self explanatory really :P
    5; Not particularly...
    6; C, by 3 marks :L
    7; Make a challenging game that requires you to think and solve equations or problems...
    8; Not really, math's doesn't interest me too much so I do what I have too...

  3. Wayne could you check your college e-mail. I sent you an e-mail. Cheers. Sam Bizley

  4. Sam Bizley

    1: Maze game
    2: Platform game, because it was interesting trying to figure out the physics of the game
    3:Platform game, the physics was very difficult and trying to figure out combat and projectiles were very difficult
    4:Maze game
    5:It's okay, it's not something I would do for fun but it can be entertaining
    6:I got an A
    7:I would make it so that the maths element is varied and randomly generated, this would make it so the game could be played numerous times and they player would continue to improve their maths skills
    8: A little, it was mainly reminding me of stuff that I had forgotten about

  5. 1 - Platform as it has more interesting features to consider.
    2 - Platform as i enjoyed the challenges that came alongside it.
    3 - Platform as it introduced a whole new side to game development that tested my patience at times.
    4 - The maths maze game.
    5 - YES
    6 - A Grade
    7 - research what level of maths suits your target audience and then focus your game around this level, the questions will help accomplish aims in the game.
    8 - Some, most of it was what i already knew. It was more like a refresher task more than anything.

  6. 1. platform game.
    2. platform, i had a much better knowledge of game maker and illustrator so i was able to make much better looking sprites.
    3. To make: maze game, i knew pretty much nothing going into it so it was a steep learning curve. To play, platform game, i think i made it impossible.
    4. maze game.
    5. no its boring.
    6. A*
    7. i would want to implement maths into a combat mechanic to try and make it moderately entertaining.
    8. no i didnt, we used grade c maths questions... im an A* student.

  7. 1-: Platform cause I can't be arsed to sit around for hours trying to figure out how to get out of a maze.
    2-: Platform because it is a more fun genre to make and test.
    3-: Platform was the hardest because it is difficult to get everything working correctly without error such as gravity and enemies.
    4-: The maze game as it was meant to be a maths maze
    5-: No, I'd rather die than do any sort of mathematics ever again in my life
    6-: I can't remember
    7-: Make a game where you have to answer questions such as 2+2
    8-: No, not at all

  8. *1 Platform

    *2 Platform because I enjoyed seeing the gravity code work

    *3 Platform because of the mass coding that had to be implemented

    *4 The Maze game

    *5 No. If you gave me the option of walking through shards of glass barefooted or answering 1245 divided by 21 i'd rather walk through the glass.

    *6 I can't remember it was years ago

    *7 Add Mathematical questions in the game

    *8 To be honest no.