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Monday, 6 October 2014

Games design week 4

Game's Concepts

Q : What is a game concept?
A: A game concept starts with an idea.
"First off, you need a great idea. The best way to achieve this is through a written brainstorm. The idea is to focus on what you’d want to play, because you need to love the game, first and foremost. Otherwise, the game can, and most likely will, result in a failure." taken from
Create a simple sketch of the game ..
Expand this simple sketch into the game you are going to make.
Who is this game for? (target age group / target gender / target culture / target system for game)
Who is going to make it? (you or a team)
Why are you making the game?
What are you going to use/need for this game (not just sprites and sounds but people and software/hardware)?
Now create some simple game concepts, either sketch out or write a simple game idea/concept and answer the above questions.
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