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Monday, 22 September 2014

Games design week 2 

Computer Game Genre's

This week I want you to look at game genre's.

First create a list of at least 10 Genre's, pick as diverse as possible and also consider gender .and age. So pick genre's that you'd teenager boys play and young teenage girls play and then older ladies and men.

Create the work in Word first so it is spell checked properly.

Create a table, with 3 columns
Genre name
Genre description
Genre example
First Person Shooter :
This is a game played from the point of view of a soldier’s gun.
The aim of the game is to kill enemy soldiers (which can be played by AI players or other online players across the world)

This game uses the new Frostbite 3 engine. "The new Frostbite engine enables more realistic environments with higher resolution textures and particle effects. "
The story, according to the official Battlefield website, follows American VIPs' evacuation from Shanghai and an American squad, designated Tombstone, struggling to make their way back home.
Single player action is a series of fast paced scenarios, very linear in places. IE you must reach goal x in time y.
This game shines mainly in multiplayer format. Two teams engage in a variant of ‘capture the flag’ type games. Very fast paced action.
All in all its really a multiplayer game with a weak single player element. Don't bother with it if your not a fan of running around shooting lots of bullets and hoping to win!

Then publish it on a blog.

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